ekspert Feng Shui Małgorzata Gałkowska-Błądek

Małgorzata Gałkowska-Błądek

I will help you to change your life so that you can fully use your potential and the energies that surround you. For over twenty years I have been studying the influence of the environment on people and I know how much the energies hidden in the directions and parts of the apartment can change someone's life, both for the positive and the negative. It also works on a macro scale - individual city districts and even parts of the country differ in terms of energy. The point is to know how to use these energies in an optimal way, adapted exactly for each person.

In addition to Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and other areas of Eastern Metaphysics consultancy, I also teach. I founded a branch of Master Joseph Yu's elite school in Poland; I am the official representative and lecturer of this school. I run courses under Master Yu's license and also my own courses. I also give lectures abroad (for ex. Paris). Due to my extensive experience and acquired knowledge, I am a mentor and consultant of recognized Feng Shui masters and a personal adviser to management, CEO and investors. In the past, I was also an organizer of seminars and invited GM Raymond Lo and Heluo (Roel Hill) to Poland. I translated Raymond Lo's book "Feng Shui and Destiny" into Polish. I am a certified Feng Shui consultant with the title of master, awarded by Master Joseph Yu.

How it started and why Feng Shui?

It started in an interesting way; shortly after the construction of our house was completed, we invited our new neighbors and one of them was interested in Feng Shui. I had no idea about it then. When you enter our house, there is a wall in front of you and you have to turn to the side to enter the hall. The neighbor stated that walking into the house and hitting a wall was very bad and recommended hanging a mirror there. Ok, we hung a big mirror covering almost all wall. Within three days, life completely changed in plus :) Unimaginable :) But only when I started to explore traditional, authentic Feng Shui - I understood what happened - I have the energy of wealth there and the mirror enhanced it! I love this knowledge. Now I help others.

Master Joseph Yu about me:

Mistrz Feng Shui Joseph Yu

Joseph Yu

Master Joseph Yu is the founder of the Feng Shui Research Center (FSRC), and since 1998, for over twenty years, he has transferred his profound knowledge to students from all over the world. He has now retired and his lecturers are teaching on his behalf.

Joseph Yu B.Sc. 余若愚 was born during the second world war in a small village in South China. He spent his childhood as a country boy and did not receive any formal education until he came to Hong Kong at the age of eleven. A lot of people suggest to him that he should create a story of learning Astrology and Feng Shui in early childhood from a monk as do many a famous Feng Shui Master. He prefers to tell the truth.

Yu studied Mathematics and Physics in the University of Hong Kong in the early 1960's. He abhorred all kinds of superstition and vowed to destroy such absurd beliefs of ignorant people. He then frequented libraries, trying to find fault with Astrology and Feng Shui from ancient books. The deeper he went into the subject, the more excited he became about the rich legacy of ancient Chinese culture.

Whether or not to become a professional astrologer and geomancer or continue in the fields of mathematics and physics, became a constant dilemma.

Astrology and Feng Shui have been viewed as superstition by their skeptics. Astrologers and Feng Shui masters have been linked with fraud for centuries. Someone wrote in his book, "If more knowledgeable men provide true Astrology and Feng Shui services, the ignorant and fake 'professionals' will vanish." Sharing the same view, Yu decided to provide useful services and correspondence courses at an affordable price.

While Joseph Yu was a mathematics teacher after his graduation, he was lucky to have as his neighbor one old Feng Shui master. This old master was very kind to disclose a lot of secrets of the five arts to him even though he was not one of the old master's apprentices.

In one Chinese New Year party at the old master's home, the master said to his disciples, "This young man, though not officially under my care, has learned more than most of you because he has a logical mind and dares to argue with me on various issues."

The old master passed away a few months later. He is grateful, but circumstances make it impossible to express his gratitude towards the master who passed on to him a lot of invaluable knowledge.

astrology and divination expert Renata Marczewska

Renata Marczewska

I have been helping clients make wise decisions in business and personal life for 25 years.

I use the power of planetary energy and Chinese philosophy to show you the way, avoid life's traps and achieve success in life.

Natural curiosity about the world and years of experience have made me an expert who sees nuances invisible to others.