Feng Shui consultations

Appartments and private residencies

Ideally, you should think about Feng Shui at the stage of buying a plot , because an inaproppriate plot of land may make it impossible or difficult to build an auspicious home.

We will help in the course of design works to correctly orient the house on the plot and place all important functions in auspicious places.

We will also advise you when you intend to buy a ready-made house or flat. If we know what the house has in store for us in terms of financial well-being, health, relationships, academic achievement or career, we can make an informed decision to buy or not to buy.

Examining the Feng Shui of an existing building , we can diagnose problems and give you suggestions for various solutions and remedies so that you can derive the wonderful energy of health and well-being. The astrological charts of the inhabitants are also taken into account in order to adapt the space to them and help them achieve their life goals.

One should also think about the surroundings , garden and recreational functions (swimming pool, stable, court etc.). Properly installed objects and water arrangements can bring wealth and prosperity.

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Companies, offices and commercial buildings

Before buying or renting office or commercial space - it is worth conducting a Feng Shui expertise to find out what financial possibilities a given space has. In some cases, it is possible to correct some defects with the help of remedies / rearrangement of the space, but it may happen that nothing can be done and it will be difficult to avoid losses.

During the examination of an existing office or premises , we will pay attention to the distribution of functions, door location, interior space arrangement and the location of management and employee desks. If the Qi energy can circulate harmoniously, the company enjoys greater prosperity, greater profits, and a better atmosphere among the staff.

Many benefits can also be achieved by outdoor arrangement - green areas and water.

Feng Shui consultation may also involve the process of logo or corporate website creation.

We can also help in HR issues - selecting employees for specific positions and recruitment. If the topic of Human Resources is important to you, go here .

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Annual updates

Feng Shui energies are wandering and their position changes every year. Annual energies can affect a place's Feng Shui chart and increase or decrease its prosperity. Many customers come forward to update their recommendations and remedies every year as needed.

Thanks to the annual update, we can plan our decisions in advance and avoid troubles. We can focus on one activity and refrain from others. Each energy has different possibilities, and we can get in trouble if we use it incorrectly.

Annual energies change their position at the beginning of February each year. It is worth to get acquainted with the situation in your office or home a few months earlier in order to be prepared for various variants.

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Chinese astrology Ba Zi and Imperial Method
Qi Men Dun Jia

Chinese astrology Ba Zi (Four Pillars of Destiny)

We compile an astrological chart on the basis of the date of birth along with the time and city. Each of us has an individual profile of the elements in the body and that is why we are so unique. However, there are some rules that allow to predict for many years ahead what troubles we may encounter. Then we have a chance to take appropriate steps and decisions in advance. We can bypass life's reefs. Astrology is also very helpful in studying compatibility of future spouses . This does not mean, of course, that we will dissuade you from having a relationship with your chosen one. However, it means that we can advise you on something that will connect you permanently and bring harmony to your relationship.

Chinese Astrology is not just a diagnosis. This is also a collection of tips and suggestions on how to "fix" your life and move in the right direction instead of constantly hitting obstacles. Ba Zi can also help with things like baby planning ; especially when there are problems with conception, although there are no obstacles from a medical point of view.

Many problems in life can be explained with astrology. Everything must have its best time. If you're trying to get something at the wrong time, the results can be poor.

This knowledge also allows you to determine the character of the future employee or business partner and to predict with high probability what problems may occur. Hence, many recruiters ask for our help.

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Investments and operating strategy (Qi Men Dun Jia)

Sometimes you need a hint on which course of action to choose. What will be the effects of the decision? What are your chances of winning your case in court ? How to defend against competitors' attack ? Will the planned investment bring the expected results? We can find answers to these types of questions with the Imperial Qi Men Dun Jia Strategy Planning Method. This is a very old method that was used in warfare. But today's life is also sometimes like a battlefield...
After all, you would like to know what hidden plans your opponent has, right?

Qi Men Dun Jia will allow you to look "behind the curtain" of events and select optimal strategy . Knowing the situation and hidden matters, you can make an informed decision, minimizing the risk of failure. Many people are looking for advice on wellbeing , investment and even home purchase or relationship.

Besides Qi Men Dun Jia, there are also other effective methods - the oracle I Ching (Wen Wang Gua), Oracle of Plum Blossom (Mei Hua Yi Shu) or Da Liu Ren . Each of these methods has slightly different possibilities. That is why we treat each inquiry individually and select the optimal method or a combination of several methods, depending on the complexity of the situation.

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Date Selection

Certain moments in time are especially auspicious for us and some other not. If we start any important activity on an auspicious date, we will harness powerful energies to help with our goal. A lot of things will get easier and things will go faster and we will get more satisfaction . By choosing the optimal date, we can minimize bad luck and increase harmony in our lives. If you are planning something important, it is worth getting interested in choosing a date several months in advance, because there are times when such a great moment is two or three times a year. But don't worry if you miss something. You can still choose a date that may not be the most wonderful, but still a very good one.

Most often, two or three dates are calculated, one perfect, one special, and the third - still good (in case you can't use the first two).

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Answers to the most common questions

The cost depends on the complexity of your case. In Feng Shui analyzes, the cost comes from the age of the house / flat, its area, the degree of complexity of the project (floors, mezzanines, superstructures) and the city in which the facility is located (here are the travel costs). Old (pre-war) buildings and buildings with an unknown construction date require more time and work as we need to trace the history of the area and explore several possible variants for to establish energy chart.

In astrology (Western and Eastern) - if you do not know your time of birth, the cost will be higher due to the need to establish the time based on the events in your life.

In other types of advice (making a decision, choosing an action strategy), the cost depends on the complexity of the query.

Currently, in Feng Shui it is about one and a half to two months. However, if the matter is urgent, we can analyse it for you sooner, for an additional fee. Strategy advice usually comes in one-two weeks.

Unfortunately not. The room is a part of a whole house, and to know the energies in the room one has to explore the whole apartment/house. However, the cost will be lower due to the fact that in the analysis report we then only describe this room, ignoring the rest of the area.

Some analyses are usually performed remotely - astrological advice, I Ching, advice related to choosing a strategy (Qi Men Dun Jia, Da Liu Ren) or choosing a date. Feng Shui consultation requires you to research the place, so it's best to go there. Nowadays, however, we have opportunities that the ancient masters did not have - satellite maps and digital photos, films shot in a given place. Therefore, in some cases, it is possible to perform a remote analysis. However, in more complex cases, the consultant should see the site in person.

It depends on the type of analysis. In Feng Shui, sometimes we see results after a few days but sometimes after two to three weeks (especially in older homes). In other analysis a lot depends on the situation and actions of the client.

Usually when you receive an analysis, questions arise. Also not always everything will work right away. Energies require individual approach and sometimes it is necessary to correct something after some time. That is why, after each analysis, we offer 3 months of free support as standard. You can then ask questions related to the received analysis. After that time, you can schedule a paid consultation (to answer your questions), the cost of which will depend on the number and complexity of your inquiries. You can also ask a general question in our public Facebook group: FSRC Official Forum

Before starting each analysis, an advance payment is collected and after the analysis is completed, the rest of the amount is settled (client pays money and receives the ordered analysis). Some analyses are paid in advance.

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If you want to include the analysis in your business costs, before paying the advance please provide the company details.