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    Grow Your Business
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What problem do you want to solve?


Blocked energy of money, establishing and developing a company, investments, strategy


Love and relationships, harmony at home and in the workplace, selecting the right employees for a position

House building

Choosing right plot, project, house or apartment, designing a wonderful house or garden. Construction or rental of a commercial property, construction of a housing estate

Important decisions

Choosing the best strategy for action, choosing right life path, choosing a field of study or profession, overcoming personal or professional problems

ba gua

How we can help you?

Thanks to the use of ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and astrology, we help to change lives and achieve even the most daring business goals

Feng Shui consultations

We will help you to choose a plot and create a design for your dream home, business premises or garden. In your current home or business, we will advise you on how to unlock the energy of money, health, love or career. You deserve to be happy!


We will help you to find the source of your problems in Western astrology chart and Chinese astrology chart. Date of birth reveals strengths, abilities, relationships, health and future. We will advise you on the best educational or professional path for you or your kids.

Action strategy

We will help you to choose the optimal strategy for investments and life challenges. We will check the potential of the plot, premises or flat that you plan to rent or buy. We will assess the intentions of the counterparty or competition, we will help to detect traps.

Human Resources

We will analyze the personality of the candidate for an important position; it may facilitate recruitment. We will help in the assessment of a business partner or counterparty.

Date selection (Ze Ri)

We will choose for you an auspicious date for the wedding, starting the construction of the house, signing the contract and other important events.

Training and courses

We will teach you Feng Shui, astrology and other interesting topics. We can conduct training for your organization or company.

Are you ready for a positive change in your life?

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How it works

See how we operate

1. Contact

You report
your problem
to us.

2. Analysis

We consider
how to help you.
You get an offer.

3. Work

We prepare
the best solutions.

4. Handing over

You pay and get
the elaboration.
If you need more details
you can ask
and we help.

5. Feedback

In the period of time
specified in the offer,
you receive an assistance
and answers.

About us

Creative collaboration

Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu

Founder of the Feng Shui Research Center institute. Great teacher and mentor. Now retired.

Feng Shui Master Joseph Yu
Feng Shui Master Małgorzata Gałkowska-Błądek

Founder of the Polish branch of Master Joseph Yu's school in Poland. Feng Shui consultant with more than 20 years of experience.

Małgorzata Gałkowska-Błądek
Feng Shui & Bazi Master and Teacher
Western astrology expert Renata Marczewska

Expert in Western astrology, numerology and divination.

Renata Marczewska
Expert in Western astrology, numerology and divination.

About us

At the heart of the project is Malgorzata Galkowska-Bladek, who has been involved in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology for over twenty years. She studied with various masters (Raymond Lo, Roel Hill, Joey Yap), but finally she decided to join the elite Feng Shui Research Center founded by Master Joseph Yu. Master Joseph Yu is one of the most respected Feng Shui masters in the world and his original approach to this ancient knowledge makes his students' work more effective and more adapted to the challenges of the current world. Currently, Mr. Joseph Yu retired and some of his duties transferred to Malgorzata.

The third part in our project is Renata Marczewska - an expert with great experience in Western astrology, numerology and divination. In this way we combine the knowledge of the East and West, taking a holistic approach to solving the problems and challenges of today's man.

Professionalism 100%
100% Complete
Integrity 100%
100% Complete
Discretion 100%
100% Complete

Our Clients

They Trusted Us

złoty chiński smok

The one who excels at resolving difficulties, does so before they arise. The one who excels in conquering his enemies, triumphs before threats materialize....

- Sun Tzu "The Art of War"


Happening now

Contact us

If you would like to ask for something or ask for a free quote, please fill out this form. For the valuation of feng shui, please indicate the area of the dwelling, the year of completion of the building and the city in which the building is located. We'll contact you back in up to 48 hours.

Let's keep in touch

Monday-Friday: 10:00 – 18:00

Payment details

Tangram - Malgorzata Galkowska-Bladek
ul. Bema 9
62-040 Puszczykowo

PLN: IBAN: PL12 1140 2004 0000 3502 3968 6417

Euro: IBAN: PL22 1140 2004 0000 3212 0378 0442

USD: IBAN: PL28 1140 2004 0000 3112 1433 6699

PayPal: mbladek@tradfs.com

Revolut: +48603239503

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