My name is Małgorzata Gałkowska-Błądek

Feng Shui is my job and passion

  • I have a title of Feng Shui Master given by Master Joseph Yu
  • I am CEO & founder of Polish affiliate of Feng Shui Research Center - school established by Joseph Yu
  • I was an organizer of seminars and I invited GM Raymond Lo and Master Heluo (Roel Hill) to Poland
  • I translated Raymond's Lo "Feng Shui and Destiny" to Polish language
  • I am being invited as a lecturer for seminars abroad (Paris 2014)
  • I am a mentor and consultant cooperating with renowned masters of Feng Shui
  • I have rich professional experience within the framework of consultations of appartments, houses, commercial buildings and large objects in Poland and abroad
  • I am personal advisor of management staff, CEO and investors

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Feng Shui consultations

Best place for your dream home, cooperation during design process, audits of built houses and commercial estates. Feng Shui in gardens. Water in garden or park (Water Dragon Methods).

Chinese astrology Ba Zi

Chinese astrology Ba Zi (Four Pillars of Destiny). Assets, capabilities, poblems in relationships, health, future. Making choice of direction in learning and professional life.

Investment's and strategy consultancy

Consultations connected to investment and financial matters. Choice of best strategy of action (imperial method of strategy Qi Men Dun Jia)

Consultations within the framework of human resources

Analysis of personality and capabilities of candidates for various jobs as well as business partners.

Date selection (Ze Ri)

Date selection for important moments in your life; weddings, signing contracts, starting of building a house.

Seminars and courses

Courses, seminars and lectures about Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Water Dragon Methods, I Ching and other subjects of Chinese Metaphysics. Our diplomas are honoured in the whole world.

Looking for Feng Shui consultant? You are in good place

I don't mislead people telling them that I have twenty years of experience in Feng Shui consultancy...counting from reading my first book about Feng Shui. I count my experience since attending my first course of Classical Feng Shui.

Since 2005 I devote all my time to Feng Shui consultations and teaching. It takes all my work time and I don't work in any shop, restaurant or any other additional business.

I continuously seek new and deeper knowledge under the auspices of my Master Joseph Yu and other renowned teachers.
I don't rest on my laurels after several attended courses.

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Feng Shui Research Center - oddział w Polsce, założony przez Małgorzatę Gałkowską-Błądek

Feng Shui Research Center

In 2005 Joseph Yu entrusted me the task of establishing Polish affiliate of his school Feng Shui Research Center Canada. Thanks to that my students could benefit from precious knowledge in Polish language.

I was honoured to learn directly from Master Joseph Yu in seminars organized by him in Toronto and Barcelona.

International Feng Shui Association - członkostwo

International Feng Shui Association
Polish Chapter

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Who is Who

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